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Optional Mixer I/O

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One of the most frustrating things ever is realizing you don't have enough inputs or outputs on your studio mixer to capture and mix your songs the way you want. It's not just that you're shy a couple of inputs for that extra keyboard, now you have to spin your wheels for twenty minutes reorganizing your tracking plan to figure out how to squeeze things together in a way that allows you to get the job done. If you find this happening to you ever more frequently, it's time to check out the expansion I/O options on your board.

Buying and installing a brand-new studio console in order to increase your total I/O capability is no straight forward operation even if you have that kind of cash to throw down. Thankfully many mixers have ports for adding optional I/O expansion units. This can be an extremely cost effective way to wring additional inputs or outputs out of your current equipment. On some units adding another 8 analog inputs is as easy as installing an I/O card full of XLR sockets in one of your empty expansion slots. Done and done. Some brands allow you to install an expansion card with a 25-pin D-sub connector. This lets you connect a break out cable, and voila, 8 more channels at your disposal.

Ever had this happen to you? You've been working on the mix for hours. You're almost there but there is one guitar track that's not sitting in the mix quite like you want. So, you decide to re-amp it though a sweet vintage tube amp and bring the result in on another track. You've got plenty of inputs but much to your chagrin you realize all of your sends are tied up routing through all your outboard signal processing gear, and you've got the direct out running through a compressor. Game over? Nah, you just need to drop in that ADAT lightpipe card to connect up that spare digital mixer in the gear closet.

On the other hand, maybe piddly little I/O upgrades isn't your style. Compromises? Workarounds? Jury-rigs? Not you. You'll settle for nothing less than a complete 16 channel expansion console with an integrated meter bridge, super primo EQ modules, long throw faders, cream of the crop preamps, automation and additional routing out the wazoo. Nothing is going to hold you down because you know exactly what you want - and We have it.

Figuring out how to utilize your studio mixer's optional I/O expansion capabilities can be a bit confusing. Every brand has different options, and different models accept different I/O units. Sometimes it's not clear which exact part number is the one you need. Or sometimes you just need help balancing your needs and your budget. That's where our Sales Engineers really shine. Whether it's sorting out the correct I/O card, understanding your brand's proprietary expansion options, or going big with an expansion console, we take pride in having the answers to your all of your questions so that you can make choose the right I/O solution for your studio mixer.

Questions about Optional Mixer I/O?

Questions about Optional Mixer I/O?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Optional Mixer I/O?

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