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Monitor Management

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On the long and treacherous path from Hey, we should start a band! to Thank you, Cleveland!, arguably one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is creating an amazing recording. Of course, that's why bands and labels shell out as much dough as they can muster for you to mix their record like a boss. Anything you can do to make your job simpler and your mixes better enhances your ability to deliver something truly stellar. Your monitoring system is key, and being able to cycle through your different speaker combinations effortlessly enhances your workflow and allows your creativity to shine. A sweet monitor management unit can help you take your art to the next level.

Switching between different monitor speakers can get annoying and tedious if you have to keep switching from your DAW to your hardware control app, clicking a few times. Rinse and repeat a million times per song and you've got a recipe for carpal tunnel syndrome. Not to mention all the time wasted futzing around. We can save your fingers and your sanity with one of our simple monitor switching units. Just turn the knob. Done.

But why stop there? We have a range of awesome monitor management units that give you incredible flexibility in how you monitor your mix playback. How about routing up all of your monitor sends, your talk back system, your headphones mix and your mains through a compact desktop unit that allows you to cycle every sub group through any of your monitor feeds individually and in combination? Sounds pretty good, right? Integrating a monitor management system into your rig streamlines your entire workflow. Now you can focus on nailing that mix without having to pause and click your fingers off every 30 seconds.

We stock an awesome variety of solutions so you can build your monitor management configuration as simply or as elaborately as you wish. In addition, we carry both digital and analog systems. Mixing inside the box? No problem - we have digital systems that actually integrate seamlessly with your DAW of choice. If analog is your game, we have fully analog switching and routing units as well as digitally controlled analog for ultimate flexibility.

For the project and home studio we have a great selection of desktop monitor units. These little guys are not to be underestimated. They pack in a ton of flexibility and powerful combinations far beyond simply flipping the switch from A to B. Most also include headphone outs so you can quickly slap on the cans when the neighbors start banging on the ceiling.

Every mix engineer has their own unique technique for building a mix. Monitoring features that one engineer can't live without would totally stymie another. For this reason there are nearly as many monitor management solutions are there are mix engineers. If you're having a hard time settling on a particular unit or feature set, give a call. Our Sales Engineers will listen to the details of your workflow and must-haves to help you find a monitor management unit that fits your style perfectly.

Questions about Monitor Management?

Questions about Monitor Management?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Monitor Management?

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