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Drum Care & Cleaning

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You may have all the skill, but poor instrument maintenance can result in a disappointing sound. Drum care and cleaning requires regular attention in order to ensure you get the most out of your set. Polishing and detailing your drums will help keep you stage-ready after you've made your steps to ensure the proper sound. The process itself is not a difficult one, but you will need the right supplies to guarantee the best results.

Preventative cleaning is the best (and easiest) way to ensure prolonged use of your drum set. Getting a dust cover for your entire set is a simple option that goes a long way in keeping your drum set clean. A nylon cover will protect the different aspects of your kit from a range of potential harms. Dust will be kept off any finishes or images, keeping them bright and resolute as opposed to any possible fading over time. A weighted design will ensure your covers remains in place. As long as it remains draped over your drum set, your various drums and cymbals will be kept out of harm's way from UV lighting and any potential water.

Sustaining your drums' makeup is more than a protective activity. Choosing the correct drum detailer will keep the surface clean and finishes bright. Primarily spray-on applicants, drum detailers help remove fingerprints, dust, and any accumulated grime. Particular designs also help prevent additional harm from both UV and sunlight. Any treated drumheads will remain lively given the chemical makeups and will maintain freedom for gradual tuning. The process is simple, but the results are amazing.

Many cymbals can be treated with various drum details, but cymbal-intended polish remains the primary option. Typically more of a cream than liquid, cymbal cleaners remove built-up oxidation while leaving a protective layer to help prevent future accumulation. Some variations will be greater for preventative measures, but they will all serve their purposes as polishers. If you want to look good and sound good on the stage, your cymbals need to shine, and that's what these various drum care and cleaning supplies will do.

It is easy to overlook the towels you detail with, but finding the right product can make all the difference for long-term use. Many microfiber towels can come apart after regular use. Sweetwater carries reliable drum care and cleaning products that work in unison with various drum detailers. Your towels need to remove dirt, dust, and excess oils without scratching your various surfaces.

You may feel a bit uneasy about the chemicals that you layer onto your prized instruments. No worries. Sweetwater is a team of musicians and we are here to guide you towards the proper drum care and drum cleaning supplies at any time. Just give us a ring.

Questions about Drum Care & Cleaning?

Questions about Drum Care & Cleaning?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Drum Care & Cleaning?

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