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Press Release
October 11 2010
For Immediate Release
Media Contact: Christopher Guerin, Vice President of Corporate Communications, (800) 222-4700 ext. 1030
Taylor Road Show
WOW! We hosted an incredible Taylor Road Show Friday, October 1st, in Sweetwater's Conference Hall. We had a full house and the biggest ever for the Road Show here. Bob Taylor was here for the first time ever and he was awesome. He said he would consider moving here if he could live in our building!

Bob was joined by Grammy winner Wayne Johnson, Taylor's newest clinician. He spent over thirty years with Manhattan Transfer and just finished with Bette Midler's Vegas show at Caesars. He did an incredible job demonstrating Taylor instruments. As always, this was a very educational event and customers walked away with a better understanding of how tone woods and body size and shape affect guitar tone.

Watch for a Taylor Road Show coming to your town. They do more than 200 events each year!
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