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Press Release
March 12 2010
For Immediate Release
Media Contact: Christopher Guerin, Vice President of Corporate Communications, (800) 222-4700 ext. 1030
Sweetwater's Special PRS Private Stock Event
Sweetwater, in conjunction with Paul Reed Smith Guitars, held a once-in-a-lifetime special Private Stock event on March 5 and 6. Customers came to Sweetwater headquarters from around the country, where they selected wood for, designed, and ordered their dream guitars, with the personal assistance of Paul Smith and his Private Stock custom guitar team. The PRS team brought an astounding array of rare back and neck tonewoods as well as highly figured tops from the PRS Private Stock Wood Library. More than 80 gorgeous PRS guitars were also offered for sale from Sweetwater's extensive stock. The event resulted in orders for 10 Private Stock instruments (with prices ranging from $9,000 to $16,000) as well as the sales of dozens of in-stock instruments.
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