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Press Release
December 16 2009
For Immediate Release
Media Contact: Christopher Guerin, Vice President of Corporate Communications, (800) 222-4700 ext. 1030
Top Executives from JBL, AEA, and QSC Visit Sweetwater
Photo 1:
Sweetwater recently played host to VIPs from JBL/Harman. The day's activities included an extensive tour of the Sweetwater facilities and training sessions on the brand-new JBL MSC1. (Pictured left to right:John Carpanini, President, JBL; Jeff Radke, Vice President of Sales, Sweetwater; Peter Chaikin, Director, Recording and Broadcast Marketing, JBL; and Gerry Schrader, Vice President, Sound Marketing East.)

Photo 2:
Wes Dooley, president of AEA, was at Sweetwater recently for a special training session with the company's Sales Engineers. (Pictured left to right: AEA's Wes Dooley and Sweetwater Vice President of Sales, Jeff Radke.)

Photo 3:
Barry Andrews, CEO of QSC, dropped by Sweetwater recently for Sales Engineer training sessions and a tour of the Sweetwater facilities. (Pictured left to right: Mike Ross, Director of Marketing, Sweetwater; Barry Andrews, CEO, QSC; Chuck Surack, President, Sweetwater.)
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