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Press Release
January 12 2007
For Immediate Release
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Sweetwater Candy Helps Save Customer
For years, Sweetwater Sound has been packing handfuls of candy into boxes full of music technology and music instruments that are shipped all over the country. Little did they know that this little "thank you" to customers would one day help save a life. But that's exactly what happened just before Christmas.

Recently, Michelle Stone of Mariposa, California, wrote to Sweetwater founder and president Chuck Surack that she had opened a Sweetwater box and found a product that "my husband purchased from you as a Christmas gift to me. It arrived late last week. My husband was working out of town. We live in a very remote location. I decided to unpack the box and wrap the (gift) so I could put it under the tree. I found it odd that someone had put some candy in the shipment. I'm diabetic and normally can't have such things. So I set them aside for when my husband would return for the holiday.

"Later that night," she continued, "I started going into diabetic shock. I live twenty miles outside the nearest town, was unable to drive, and besides, nothing was open that late. I had nothing in the house that would raise my blood sugar...except those pieces of candy someone in your shop sent me.

"I just wanted to let you and your staff know, that someone in your shop probably saved my life. I am eternally grateful to you," she concluded, "I'll be a customer of yours for many years to come."

Surack commented, "We've been packing candy in our boxes since the mid-80s. We get positive comments all the time, but never anything quite like this!"

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