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Press Release
March 23 2006
For Immediate Release
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Frank Filipetti Visits Sweetwater
- Legendary engineer/producer gives seminar for Sales Engineers. Exclusive videos at Sweetwater.com -

FORT WAYNE, IN, March 23, 2006 - Frank Filipetti, one of the most respected engineer/producers in the industry, recently paid a visit to Sweetwater, the nation's leading professional audio/musical instrument retailer. Filipetti, whose credits include James Taylor, Kiss, Luciano Pavarotti, Courtney Love and Hole, Barbra Streisand, Dave Grusin, Korn, Carly Simon, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, and Bob Dylan, among an incredibly long list of others, gave a presentation to Sweetwater's Sales Engineers on digital technology, his selection of Steinberg's Nuendo as his DAW of choice, and his perspective on the state of surround sound.

Filipetti also was the subject of eleven exclusive Sweetwater videos, where he answered specific questions on his work, surround sound production, technology, and other topics. These free videos are only available at www.sweetwater.com/feature/filipetti.

In the final video, Filipetti shares his impressions of Sweetwater: "I was really blown away by what's happening here at Sweetwater...your dedication, follow up, service, at a time when a lot of companies that do business over the phone or through the mail are, 'Let's sell it and move on to the next person.' I was amazed to learn, and very happy to learn, that you have customers where you've had the same individual dealing with those people for ten, twelve, fourteen years. In this era...to have someone that you know you can call, who can help you through this...to know that there's the place that you bought it...that they're always available, I think is terrific. I think Chuck's [Surack, founder and President of Sweetwater] concept of providing service, and not just selling to sell, but selling to create relationships...is brilliant and applaudable, and I'm quite impressed with it. I can see why it's growing at such a phenomenal rate!"

Sweetwater's Sales candidates receive thirteen weeks of intensive training before being officially conferred with the title of "Sales Engineer." All Sales Engineers, including long-term veterans, receive additional training on nearly a daily basis, in order to stay current on technology and techniques. In addition to classes with in-house experts and manufacturer product specialists, Sales Engineers have been treated to seminars with industry luminaries including George Massenburg, Roger Linn, Dave Smith, Robert Moog, Roger Nichols, Bob Clearmountain, Craig Anderton, and many others.
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