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Press Release
December 16 2005
For Immediate Release
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Sweetwater Named Newest Authorized Peavey Dealer
Sweetwater, the nation's leading retailer of musical instruments and technology, announced it has been named the newest authorized dealer for Peavey products, including guitars, basses, amplifiers, sound reinforcement, and signal processing gear. Customers can find Peavey gear at the Sweetwater website, www.sweetwater.com.

After touring Peavey's operation in Meridian, Mississippi, Sweetwater executives knew the partnership would be a great match, according to Sweetwater founder and President Chuck Surack. "We recognized that Peavey's philosophy of building quality equipment that musicians can afford goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to customer service and support," he said.

Surack added that visiting Peavey convinced him of the value and quality Peavey products offer users. "Clearly Peavey's goal is to create the finest possible products, intended to stand up to years of hard use onstage and in the studio," he stated. "Plus, the variety and number of products Peavey produces is simply staggering - more than 2,000 items are in the current Peavey catalog!"

A major deciding factor was meeting the people behind the Peavey name, including founder Hartley Peavey himself. Both companies consist of enthusiastic, loyal employees who are dedicated to providing musicians with the best tools for creating music, at the most affordable prices. "With this many parallels between the way in which Peavey does business and the way we do things here at Sweetwater, we anticipate a long and fruitful relationship," Surack commented.

"There is a lot of common ground between Peavey and Sweetwater," added Hartley Peavey, founder, visionary and CEO of Peavey Electronics. "Peavey's goal has always been to provide musicians with the best products at fair prices, and we're very passionate about that mission. Sweetwater shares that passion on the retail side."

Bill Xavier, Peavey North American Sales Manager, stated, "Sweetwater is a respected and proven resource for musicians and audio-product consumers, and we're eager to showcase our renowned musical instruments and audio products to Sweetwater's audience."
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