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Press Release
November 08 2005
For Immediate Release
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Legendary Studio Designer Presents Acoustics Workshop
Recording studio owners, educators, worship leaders, and home theater enthusiasts have all faced the problems caused by compromised acoustic treatment in their facilities: unintelligible speech, muddy, indistinct music playback, and listener fatigue. World-renowned designer Russ Berger has solved those problems for more than 2,500 clients, including Late Night with David Letterman, Sony Music Entertainment, Whitney Houston, and NFL Films. Now Berger is coming to Fort Wayne to present a workshop on real-world acoustics and studio design. The no-charge workshop, sponsored by Sweetwater, will be Tuesday, November 15 at 7:00 p.m. at Abundant Life Tabernacle, 2702 Spring Street.

“There are few things that make as big a difference in the quality of your audio as the sound of the room you’re working in,” says Berger. However, improving the acoustical qualities of a room need not be complicated or expensive. In his workshop Berger will discuss the most common mistakes made in room design and present five low-cost improvements anyone can make to their listening spaces or home studios.

In addition, the Fort Wayne workshop will focus on the limits and practical realities of sound isolation (soundproofing), a problem that can make or break a space’s usefulness for recording or live events. Berger will also identify ways to make a small room sound larger without adding more space.

“One of the most frequent questions people ask us is how to achieve the best possible acoustic environment in their listening spaces,” remarked Sweetwater Vice President of Sales Jeff Radke. “Russ Berger’s workshop will provide solutions for anyone from a home theater owner to the administrator of a large school or church auditorium.”

The Berger workshop is free to the public. Interested parties may pre-register online at http://www.sweetwater.com/about/events/workshops to be entered in a door prize drawing for $500 worth of Auralex AudioTile Absorption Treatment. For further information and driving directions, call 260-432-8176.
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