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Press Release
April 01 2005
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Workshop Helps Worship Leaders Make Audio Systems Help, Not Hurt, the Message
(Fort Wayne, Ind.) It's a minister's bad dream: the carefully crafted sermon has advanced step-by-step, developing intensity, and the congregation is hanging on every word. Then, just as it's time to deliver the challenge in bold, crystal-clear terms, the momentum collapses because of a microphone failure - or even worse, screeching feedback. Sometimes it seems that the audio system actually detracts from communicating the message.

"Pastors and Worship Leaders experience these and other audio mishaps every day, yet most can be prevented with a little advance preparation," says audio expert Mark Taylor. "In the case of the 'dropout' - a sudden loss of volume - the culprit is usually a weak battery inside a wireless microphone's transmitter, or a poorly positioned receiver."

Taylor will be in Fort Wayne on Wednesday, April 13, to present a free workshop titled "Audio in Your House of Worship" in which he will show attendees how to make sure their audio systems enhance, rather than detract from, their worship services. The workshop will be held at 7 p.m. at Sweetwater Sound, 5335 Bass Road. Interested participants can register online at www.sweetwater.com/about/events or by calling (260) 432-8176.

Taylor will discuss effective use of wireless microphones, controlling feedback, multiple microphone setups and other topics. In addition, he will conduct a troubleshooting session to solve individual audio problems. "Everyone who attends will walk away with information that can improve the sound of his or her very next service," Taylor said.

With a degree in electronics, Mark Taylor joined microphone manufacturer Audio-Technica in 1983 as Pro Audio product specialist. Within three years he rose to National Sales Manager, and in 1987 was promoted to General Manager of the Professional Products Division. In 1989 he established his own company, Online Marketing, which represents Audio-Technica, Aphex Systems, Mackie, and many other leading audio equipment manufacturers.

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