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Press Release
April 01 2002
For Immediate Release
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Sweetwater Introduces Musician's iPod Tools for OS X
(Fort Wayne, Indiana) Musician's iPod Tools for OS X has just been released by Sweetwater, a leading retailer of professional audio equipment and musical instruments. It was only last week that Sweetwater released the original Musician's iPod Tools for OS 9. At that time they assured users that a version for OS X was on the way. The new OS X version, sporting an attractive Aqua interface, has arrived and can be downloaded from Sweetwater's web site today for FREE!

Musician's iPod Tools is a suite of programs designed to help musicians store actual data in their iPods. Whether it's a list of upcoming gigs, a music equipment list, a list of song titles, a set list, or even a basic calendar of events or a list of recipes, Musician's iPod Tools enables the user to view this information in the iPod. There are two programs that make up the Musician's iPod Tools: the ContactsTool and the MP3Tool. Both tools use different approaches to accomplish the same basic goal. The goal is to allow the user to store and view data in the iPod. "I was looking for an easy way to be able to look at my upcoming gigs in my iPod," says Chuck Surack, President and founder of Sweetwater. "Musician's iPod Tools was developed out of that need and I've found it to be THE EASIEST (and least expensive) way of getting data into my iPod. The tools are really simple to use and it's been wonderful to be able to carry around all my favorite music and my entire calendar in the same little iPod. Amazing!"

The ContactsTool allows the user to store any kind of list in the iPod's Contacts section as a V-Card text file. It works by processing any tab-delimited text file (up to 5 fields) and outputting a text file in V-Card format. Then, all the user has to do is take this file and drop it into the "Contacts" folder on the iPod. There is a special "Calendar Import" option that applies some calendar-specific text formatting if the user is importing data from a calendar application (like TeamAgenda for example).

The MP3Tool allows the user to store any kind of list in the iPod as actual MP3 files. It works by adding blank MP3 files to iTunes and formatting them with the data from any tab-delimited text file (2-fields or less). Once the user downloads the new MP3 files from iTunes into the iPod, the user can navigate through the actual data, just like they would normally browse through the iPod to find a song to play. Musician's iPod Tools is available from Sweetwater's website as a FREE download for the Mac OS 9 and OS X platforms.

Contact: ipodtools@sweetwater.com Download Musician's iPod Tools: http://www.sweetwater.com/ipodtools Screenshots available at: http://www.sweetwater.com/ipodtools
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