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Press Release
December 01 2001
For Immediate Release
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Sweetwater Introduces Setmaker - Freeware For Creating Set Lists
(Fort Wayne, Indiana) SetMaker, a freeware application for creating setlists, has just been released by Sweetwater, a leading retailer of professional audio equipment and musical instruments.

SetMaker is the ideal computer application for rapid creation and management of Set Lists. Featuring an intuitive graphical userinterface, SetMaker allows users to store song titles, styles, tempos, lengths, and more. It is also THE FASTEST way to create and print out Set Lists for any occasion. Whether you're a gigging musician, a worship leader, a DJ, or a music director, SetMaker can help you organize your songs and assist you in picking the best songs for your performance.

Chuck Surack, the owner and founder of Sweetwater, says that the creation of SetMaker arose out of his own performance needs. "I struggled for a long time trying to find a way to quickly and easily make set lists that I could take to my gigs. I experimented with different database programs and spreadsheets, but nothing really seemed to get the job done quite the way I needed it. So finally I approached a couple friends and we worked together to design a custom program that met my specific needs. I'm thrilled with it and now I'm offering it to you, free of charge. I've found SetMaker to be a great help to me personally and I hope you find it to be useful as well."

There are basically two different parts or areas of SetMaker:

1. Song Manager - SetMaker is a "Song Manager" in the sense that it allows you to keep a "database" or "list" of song information. This data is automatically saved with the program and can be categorized, filtered, and manipulated in a variety of useful ways.

2. Set List Creator - SetMaker allows you to quickly select songs from your database, put them in a Set List, and print out a compact clean-looking list of songs to use for live performance, general reference, etc. You can create and save as many "Sets" as you like (unlike "Songs" which are automatically saved with the program).

SetMaker is currently available for the Macintosh OS 9.x platform; future versions of SetMaker are under consideration for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Download SetMaker for FREE

Email your comments and feedback to setmaker@sweetwater.com

Screenshots of SetMaker are available at:


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