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Download Sweetwater.com Banners
You are welcome to use these banners on your site, as long as you follow these simple rules:
You may NOT alter these images in any way.
You may NOT place these images next to any sort of obscene or questionable content, or anywhere that might adversely affect Sweetwater's reputation.
You may NOT use these images for any reason other than to link to sweetwater.com from your website.
We reserve all rights to these images including the right to terminate any use of these images for any reason.

Copy and paste this code onto your site. Be sure to replace "BANNER_NAME_HERE" with the actual file name.
<a href="https://www.sweetwater.com"><img src="/BANNER_NAME_HERE" border="0"></a>
Approved Sweetwater Banners

Banner Size: 234 x 60
File Size: 16KB
Banner Size: 468 x 60
File Size: 16KB
Banner Size: 580 x 80
File Size: 24KB
Banner Size: 300 x 250
File Size: 32KB
Banner Size: 180 x 150
File Size: 28KB

Banner Size: 728 x 90
File Size: 28KB
Banner Size: 125 x 125
File Size: 20KB
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