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Meet Your Sales Engineer

Aaron Tremain

Meet Your Sales Engineer

Aaron Tremain

I have been a singer/songwriter since a very young age, and I have played in a number of different bands and churches.

I'm a self-motivated artist and have experienced music from every angle. I have spent time in the FOH booth, in the rafters running cables and hanging lights, as well as on stage as a performer - singing, drumming, or playing keys. I've always been extremely involved with investing my time and energy into music and audio.

I believe that the right gear allows a person to elevate the musical expression of their experiences and talents to a higher level. I hope to help my customers achieve their personal musical dreams by using my own experience and the training I have been given.

How Can I Help?

As your personal contact here at Sweetwater, please let me know anytime I can offer help or advice.

(800) 222-4700 ext 1722

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